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Message From Our Principal

We are looking forward to a productive and exciting  2021-2022 school year.  The pandemic brought forth new challenges, which we continue to work through together.  But with these challenges, we have welcomed opportunities for reflection, change, and growth. 


At Rockdale we go beyond test scores to measure our students' success. While we have a visual and performing arts focus, it is imperative that we educate the whole child - to ensure not just the academic success of our students, but also their social and emotional well-being.


We have a lot to look forward to as we continue to provide our students with a safe and nurturing school environment, rigorous learning in all academic areas, and quality instruction in and through the arts.  We are focused on developing students who are proficient readers, writers, critical thinkers, and curious life-long learners.  Most importantly, we hope to provide our students with multiple opportunities to create their own meaning.  By fostering a community within our school where authentic arts integration takes place, we can meet and exceed expectations set by the Common Core and support a culture of true inquiry and learning.


The arts program is alive and well at Rockdale, and our students benefit greatly from having a well-rounded curriculum. With credentialed arts experts and partnerships with Grow at the Wallis, Barnsdall Art Park, Inner-City Arts, DreamWorks, and LA Opera, we strive to provide students with arts instruction in Drama, Visual Arts, Dance and Music.  We are fortunate to continue our partnership with DreamWorks Television, and we have recently partnered with the Anti-Defamation League’s No Place for Hate and Cedars Sinai Share & Care program to provide enrichment and support for our students’ social-emotional well-being and support for our families. Finally, we continue our Garden School Foundation partnership, where students in the lower grades learn about planting, harvesting, healthy nutrition and responsibility for the Earth.


Classroom teachers work collaboratively to bring the ArtsWheel program to our students, as well. The ArtsWheel lessons ensure that every student has on-going and consistent instruction in the foundational skills of the various arts disciplines.  Classroom teachers  integrate these processes into the teaching and learning of grade level curriculum and standards. 


Our community is diverse, creative and committed.  Our parents are involved in a variety of ways, through the PTA, councils and committees, volunteering and fund-raising. To find out more about volunteering and begin the application process click here. It's important that our children see the home and the school as a team, working together to help them succeed. 




Stefani Williams, Principal

Art IS Education